Who We Are

We are a team of researchers and medical technicians with more than 15 years in the cannabidiol industry. We focus on providing up-to-date research and development for companies, non-governmental organizations, and individuals. Our research looks into the effects that cannabidiol can have on individuals with cancer, diabetes, and other bodily ailments. Our hope is to provide an accurate analysis of current CBD related treatment options.

Our Purpose

The purpose of The CBD Experts is to highlight how cannabinoids, such as CBD, can enhance overall human health. We do this by looking into CBD’s (cannabidiol) natural healing effects on the body. Our organization was built with the intent of contributing hard-facts with non-opinionated information. Our organization consists of licensed specialists, surgeons, scientists, veterinarians, and other healthcare professions. Our research is discussed with the nation’s leading research institutes and educational institutions to bring you reliable and accurate information.
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