A Beginners Guide to the CBD Galaxy: Breaking Down Bioavailability

A Beginners Guide to the CBD Galaxy: Breaking Down Bioavailability

Digesting the steady stream of cannabidiol (CBD) information has been easy enough over recent weeks as the general public begins to get down with this new med trend. But what hasn’t been quite so easy is determining which form of this medical marvel is best suited for you. Eager to eat some edibles? Just a tincture dab’ll do ya? Or do you even vape, bro? We’re here to sift through the smoke to find which type of CBD delivery is best suited for your needs.

So hopefully you’ve learned just exactly what CBD is and how it differs from your corner store dispensary marijuana strain — it’s low in THC, 0.3% to be exact, and induces none of the high while providing all of the health — but what exactly is this bioavailability term you’ve inevitably skimmed across? According to the highly reputable definition dictator Merriam-Webster, bioavailability is the degree and rate at which a substance (such as a drug) is absorbed into a living system or is made available at the site of physiological activity. Self-explanatory, right? Not exactly; but in layman’s terms, it is your body’s ability to breakdown ingested substances, like medication. Got it? Good.

Now that you’re a bioavailability engineer, let’s explore the options you have for CBD application. Find yourself with a hankering for some CBD goodies? While they won’t have you melting into the couch for the next 4-6 hours, ingesting CBD edibles will still provide you with those healthy hemp benefits. Although the bioavailability of ingested CBD is much lower than other forms, around 15-30%, it can still provide much needed relief. Cannabinoids must first pass through the liver and digestive system, known as First Pass Metabolism, before available to the rest of the body. This slow absorption rate results in the low bioavailability but can still be an ideal solution for those who have a hard time taking other forms of medicine.

Granny gobbled up all the goodies? No worries, there’s a tincture solution for that. CBD tinctures come in liquid form that can be easily administered through a dropper. We’ve covered the low bioavailability of oral ingestion, but sublingual delivery can provide a much higher bioavailability percentage — for all you non biomedical engineers out there, sublingual simply means under the tongue. The capillaries lining the bottom of the tongue provide a direct route to the bloodstream, allowing the cannabinoids to bypass that First Pass Metabolism, resulting in an average of 25-35% bioavailability. Continued research has proved that sublingual application lasts longer than ingesting CBD as it takes less time for the body to break it down.

We’ll ask again: do you even vape, bro? Because if you don’t, you truly should when it comes to CBD. The bioavailability of CBD jumps to a range of 30 to 40% when vaped, depending on the solution. Given the high permeability of lungs, vaping has a much higher bioavailability due to the rapid onset of the properties into the body directly through the bloodstream. However, the beneficial effects of vaping do last significantly shorter than oral ingestion — roughly 1-3 hours as opposed to approximately 7 hours when ingested. Need a quick CBD fix? Don’t forget the vape tricks, bro.

And for those looking to forgo any form of ingestion, there are a wide range of topicals available. From lotions to balms, there’s a topical solution for all different medical needs. This form of application is known as transdermal and while the bioavailability of this form isn’t readily available, studies have shown that topicals can be instrumental in helping alleviate arthritis pain and inflammation without any evident side effects. Transdermal application is ideal for those who want to avoid vaping or ingesting and need more immediate relief to a specific area. It should be noted that since the human skin has such a low absorption rate, a generous amount of topical solution should be applied to to the affected area

Now that we have walked hand-in-hand through the seven layers of the CBD Candy Cane Forest, we’re confident in letting you out on your own into the big, good world of CBD. Don’t forget to do your due diligence prior to purchasing to ensure proper peace of mind. And keep an eye out for our next chapter of A Beginners Guide to the CBD Galaxy to dive deeper into all things CBD.

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