CBD – an Effective Treatment for Migraines?

Got Pain?

If you’ve ever had a migraine, you know exactly how miserable it makes you, and all the different warning signs you get before one comes on. Maybe it is an aura made up of splotches of moving color, your vision becoming blurry, or seeing floating objects that aren’t there.

There are plenty of doctors and specialists that have researched this painful phenomenon, but medical science still lacks an exact reason on why these headaches occur. Most sufferers  accept these painful headaches as part of their everyday lives, just taking on the pain when they occur, sometimes even as much as multiple times per month.

On top of this, many patients are becoming increasingly aware of the terrible side effects of chemical-based medications, and have begun seeking more natural solutions.

  • Stress/Imbalances

As our bodies take on stress, tension is created within our muscles, causing  disruption within the body’s network of blood vessels and making them constrict. It is believed that  regular tension headaches, among other types, are a direct result of these blood vessels constricting.

In our modern day of rising medical costs, prescriptions of chemical-based antidepressants are often given out by doctors over traditional therapy services. For patients suffering from anxiety and other mental ailments, such as PTSD, it is usually much cheaper to give them prescription drugs as opposed to therapy. Unfortunately, as it is widely known and scientifically studied, these antidepressant medications also can cause suicidal thoughts and actions, and induce users to develop other detrimental behaviors.

However, the theory gaining traction within the medical community is this: neurological/chemical disturbances and imbalances cause migraines. Many scientists think this speculation is a step toward the right direction and would explain why migraines are so unique to each person.

  • Weather/Environment/Diet

Regular exercise, a healthy diet, and active stress relief engagement are other options to help get rid of or prevent migraines.

  • Another Option?

Taking all these aspects into account, it only makes sense that sufferers would go for a natural remedy, such as cannabidiol (CBD), that naturally works to balance out biological chemicals and mitigate the effects of stress.

Cannabidiol (CBD oil), when curated with a hybrid process as cbdMD uses, starts with a THC-free CBD Isolate and goes through a Full Spectrum processing system. This method means that the nutrients present are not disturbed – they remain and heal the body.

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CBD oil works to balance chemicals and hormones by positively supporting the body’s natural receptors that regulate the endocannabinoid system – everyone has this system. The best part is that CBD oil contains no THC, so there is no “high” associated with taking it.

Most current prescription migraine medications pull off their effects by merely masking the migraine-related pain, not solving the issue. If CBD oil is taken daily, before the catastrophic effects of a migraine headache can set in, it means that the headache doesn’t even have a chance to start.

CBD is showing the ability to enhance the body’s natural serotonin receptors in medical studies – faster than other SSRIs typically taken on the market currently. Repeated use of CBD shows even better results, affecting neuron regeneration, and helping to relieve symptoms of anxiety. Patients on CBD oil have shown promise in calmer reactions to their anxiety triggers.


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