Celebrating First-Ever CBD Summit

Celebrating First-Ever CBD Summit

For those lacking in hemp knowledge, the CBD Summit would be the perfect place to start your education journey.

The first ever CBD Summit took place in Anaheim, CA on March 7th. The summit was held prior to the 38th annual Natural Products Expo West, which is the world’s largest natural, organic, and healthy products event.

Experts expect the U.S. hemp industry to be worth over $1.8 billion by 2020. The CBD industry alone has more than doubled in two years and is now worth nearly $200 million. With such massive potential profits, CBD curiosity continues to mount while skepticism plummets.

“As more people become educated about the many uses and benefits of CBD, it is no surprise that it is being heralded as the next big thing to dominate the natural products market,” said Hemp, Inc. CEO Bruce Perlowin. And people across all industries are starting to take notice. From medical supplies, to beauty products, to consumer goods, CBD is cropping its way into our everyday lives. “This is the hottest product in the history of natural products, and there’s an opportunity for retailers to really sink their teeth into this whole hemp category,” shared Josh Hendrix, the director of business development for Las Vegas-based extract company CV Sciences, Inc. It won’t be too long before CBD will be readily available in both your morning cup of Joe and your before-bed facial scrub.

The summit featured a large panel of experts speaking on many vastly improving facets of the hemp industry. From an in-depth analysis of the hemp market and where it will soon be heading, to the obstacles the U.S. will have to overcome in order to legally grow and manufacture hemp domestically. The summit was able to draw from a large group of industry experts who were able to provide useful information to better navigate the confusing CBD market. With so many players in such a fast-growing industry, it can be easy to get lost among the crowded marketplace. The first annual CBD Summit looked to combat that confusion.

As the hemp and CBD industry continues to grow, as will the interest of the general public. Studies will continue to mount to better educate on the potential for CBD as a legitimate alternative option to prescription medicine. Those looking for a more natural alternative to the harsh, side-effect laden loads of Big Pharma prescriptions can rest assured knowing that option will soon be available. And in the meantime, check out the next CBD Summit to better immerse yourself in the changing world of CBD.

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