Choosy Moms and Dads Choose CBD

Choosy Moms and Dads Choose CBD

While this may come as a shock to some, it’s the bare bones truth: medical marijuana could cure childhood diseases. Drops mic, exits stage left.

Now before the forces behind Citizens Against Legalization of Marijuana (C.A.L.M.) gather at their local neighborhood cul-de-sac, let’s all take a chill pill. We do not by ANY MEANS condone packing a bowl for two between you and your 7-year-old. But, new studies suggest that taking cannabidiol along with other medications could potentially cut the frequency of epileptic seizures in half.

A new study published research on March 7th from the National Drug and Alcohol Research centre at the University of New South Wales in Australia, that determined CBD can provide profound relief in children and teens struggling with epilepsy. The study showed that of all the compiled information, CBD was able to provide a 50% or more decrease in seizure rate while also vastly improving patients quality of life. These numbers are a comparison of CBD versus a placebo drug, when used in addition to standard seizure medication.

It should be noted that patients who responded best to CBD were having minimal benefits from other medications and had rare forms of the disease. And while the effects of CBD on adult onset epileptic seizures has yet to be studied in-depth, there are numerous accounts of younger patients, 16-years-old on average, responding positively to CBD. Pooled data from 17 different observational studies concluded that seizure frequency dropped by at least 50% in over half the patients, while nearly 1 in 10 (8.5%) experienced complete eradication of seizures. The studies also note that there were some side effects for those taking CBD medication, mostly just minimal feelings of dizziness and drowsiness. These effects were felt 24% more than those patients who received the placebo.

“Pharmaceutical grade CBD as adjuvant treatment in pediatric onset drug resistant epilepsy may reduce seizure frequency,” researchers concluded. This gives hope to those that find themselves needlessly suffering and taking copious amounts of prescription medicines that are doing nothing to benefit them. While there is still more research needed, there is no denying the fact that CBD has the potential to alleviate and cure a wide array of different diseases from adults on down to children.

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