What is Cancer?

Cancer develops when irregular cells malignly divide and demolish body tissue. Many forms of cancer exist depending on the affected body part such as colon, lung, skin, and breasts to name a few.
Our bodies naturally create new cells as needed and discard old cells that have died; however, there are instances when this process malfunctions - old cells live longer, and too many new cells become produced. The accumulation of extra cells forms a tumor; these tumors are either malignant or benign. Conventional treatments for cancer - including radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy - have reports of brief success and intolerable side-effects throughout different phases
Some types of cancers do not form a tumor. Included in these are leukemias, most types of lymphoma, and myeloma.

Source: https://medlineplus.gov/cancer.html

Why use CBD for Cancer?

Scientific evidence implies that CBD for cancer is an effective natural treatment, and because of its minor degree of toxicity, CBD is becoming an even more popular solution for cancer. A study from British pharmacology explains how CBD impedes cancer cells from expanding through the body; details indicate a stunt in cancerous growth and ultimately necrosis of cancer cells after significant administration of CBD. Other studies highlight the effectiveness of CBD as a long-term treatment particularly for breast cancer and leukemia with similar, positive results when also treating colon and lung cancer.

The research describes how CBD compounds react with the CB2 cannabinoid receptors found in the spleen - a base organ for the immune system. When these CB2 receptors become stimulated, they also activate the immune system; the composition of CBD is similar to our natural anandamide neurotransmitters which also stimulate CB2 receptors. An illness such as cancer requires more anandamide than the body can produce; CBD can supplement the demand and provide therapeutic balance. Once the CB2 receptors become regularly active, they can help against cancer cells.


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