What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia - also referred to as fibrosis - is the second most common ailment that affects millions of Americans every year; it’s a chronic pain condition that typically exhibits muscle pain, fatigue, disturbed sleep, and even loss of memory.

There is currently no cure available for fibromyalgia; however, specialists suggest exercise, stress management, medications, and healthy activities to help reduce the frequency and intensity of symptoms. Traditional medicines for fibromyalgia such as corticosteroids and opioids have histories of addictive tendencies which has both medical experts and patients investigating safer and natural options

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Why use CBD for Fibromyalgia?

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According to scientific research, the endocannabinoid system (ECS) is capable of regulating pain sensitivity by reacting to CBD and other cannabinoid compounds. Cannabinoid receptors stretch throughout several biological structures including bone tissue, the central nervous system, and different cells; CBD oil activates these receptors that, in turn, releases therapeutic effects that may relieve pain related to fibromyalgia. Because CBD has a non-addictive nature, studies are demonstrating CBD as a viable treatment for fibromyalgia. Cases using CBD for fibromyalgia report exceedingly positive results suggesting a vital alternative for treatment. One particular test - consisting of over 50 participants - disclosed how the patients using CBD experienced a significant decrease in pain and overall symptoms while those using conventional methods couldn’t discover any improvements that were far superior to the CBD therapy

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What types of CBD products help?