What is Insomnia?

Sleep disorders are prevalent health conditions affecting over 3 million people throughout the nation each year. People living with insomnia usually have trouble going to sleep, they don’t stay asleep for long, and lack feeling well-rested.

Insufficient sleep reduces physical energy, daily efficiency, mental state and overall health. Insomnia typically correlates to inadequate exercise and inefficient sleeping behaviors that may also tie into illness, depression, or anxiety. Symptoms indicating insomnia could extend through months or only last just a few short days.

Source: http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/insomnia/home/ovc-2025695

Why use CBD for Insomnia?

CBD and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Figure Image

Research describes CBD interacting with receptors that produce serotonin which creates organic anxiolytic effects needed to stimulate relaxation and relieve mental tension; scientists also reported how cannabinoids release stiffness from muscles and safely decrease pain levels.

A recently published test documented substantial increases in sleep duration using high-dose CBD with 15 insomniac participants; the results published were more favorable compared to the hypnotic drug, Nitrazepam, and placebos.


Overall, scientific studies have linked CBD to reduced anxiety which may subsequently enhance sleep quality and lower sleep difficulties; published research also indicates how CBD increases sleep amounts and decrease the frequency of insomnia caused by chronic pain. With minor dosage, CBD can behave in a diphasic manner by triggering alertness and lowering daytime sleepiness. Additionally, reports have also described how beneficial CBD is regarding rapid eye movement (REM) behavior disorder among patients of Parkinson’s disease.

Source: https://www.thesleepdoctor.com/2017/08/10/understanding-cbd/

What types of CBD products help?