What Is Social Anxiety Disorder?

Social anxiety disorder is a psychological disease that interferes with average communication skills and healthy, social interaction. It’s a condition that affects hundreds of thousands of people in the United States each year and commonly referenced as a social phobia.

A social anxiety disorder typically displays habitual symptoms including fear, embarrassment, hesitation, or excessive stress when interacting in regular social situations; these circumstances usually cause an intense and involuntary panic from those affected with social phobias because of their irrational conception of judgmental environment. Sufficient treatment for social anxiety disorders with consistent results is currently unavailable - less than 30% of people with social phobias become thoroughly cured of symptoms.

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Why Use CBD For Social Anxiety Disorders?

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Because of its anxiolytic properties, CBD may serve as a possible all-natural alternative to help several forms of anxiety. Neuropsychological research has published the potential of CBD oil reducing stress, improving mental balance, and dispelling the discomfort of public speaking from a group of patients suffering from social phobias.

According to these studies, CB1 cannabinoid receptors responding to CBD compounds generates anxiolytic, or anti-anxiety effects - this process also causes an increase of serotonin enzymes from the stria terminalis structure of the brain which alleviates mental strain. Additionally, these results suggest the cognitive importance of CBD and its ability to safely induce calm sensations and decrease elevated reactions to nervous situations.

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What types of CBD products help?